Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reedy S-Plus Competition Spec Class motors

The right motor in your RC car can make you or break you depending on what you are doing with your car. You may be a racer or you may be a weekend driver. You may have a RC car just for the fun of it. Whatever your reason you do want a top notch motor that is durable and will last for some time.  A real expert at RC racing will also love the motor that can be modified easily (haven’t found that one yet) Anyway, motors are out here and finding the right one can actually be fun (if looking for a motor excites you).  We found one  that looks good. several months of behind-the-scenes development and track testing, Team Associated have announced the release of the all-new Reedy S-Plus Competition Spec Class motor. The heart of the S-Plus is a thin leg stator that allows shorter wire lengths, resulting in a massive reduction in resistance, a reduction in resistance just above the minimum allowed by R.O.A.R. … See full article…
Team Associated does have quality accessories for RC cars, trucks and buggys and for me I can never have enough spare parts. I am constaly trying to hybrid stuff. Sometimes I’m successful and other times I’m frustrated, you know what I mean. But because I am so in love with RC cars I have my beer and I go to my garage and I have at it. Sonic 866, available in 1900kV and 2100kV versions, is designed for 1/8 E-Buggy while its slightly longer brother, the Sonic 877, available in 2000kV only, is intended for 1/8 E-Truggy duty. However, motors are interchangeable between chassis types to create a wide range of performance options suitable for a wide variety of track conditions. … See more…
I’m always looking for a way to go faster and keep control of my car. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. I think I’m good (my kids say i’m not) but sometimes I can get out of control but who dosen’t. Anyway I like tinkering and I like going fast.

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