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RC Cars For Kids | Which RC Cars Do Kids Prefer

Who dosen’t like remote control cars?   I don’t know anyone who does not enjoy watching them move at lightening speed.

The jumps and sharp turns makes anyone feel like they’re inside the car being a daredevil.

It’s pretty cool when a kid gives his or her perspective on driving a rc car because it’s fresh and honest.

Kidsday reporter Evan Grein gives his own review about rc cars for kids.

In the following artice he writes about the different types of rc cars kids prefer. It is short and sweet and to the point:

Rev up the fun with remote control cars

Remote control cars are fun and exciting for people of all ages. There are many different types of cars, such as monster trucks, drift cars and short course trucks, just to name a few.

The most popular among the younger crowd is the short course truck, or SCT for short. These are popular because they are inexpensive and very durable, and there are a lot of different parts you can get for them. Next are the monster trucks, which are more popular among the adult crowd. They are harder to work on, and they are bigger than the other cars, with tall suspensions; they can go anywhere, and they also remind adults  Read more…

You can see the innocence in the article. He really gets into what a kid likes about remote control cars and in his article he gives adults a subtle jab.

Now comes that arduous journey of findng a decent rc car. Maybe not so arduous but definitely laborious, especially if something good is on TV.

But our little tykes are worth it. Take a peep at what may save you some leg work on looking for a quality rc car:

How to Find the Best RC Auto Toy for Your Child

Kids love remote controlled cars because they offer adventure and lots of action. Even better, the kid with the coolest RC car in the gang will instantly become popular!

But RC toys are more than just a way to help our children make new friends; these toys will get them outside, walking and running, playing in the sun, and getting dirty. According to recent studies, our children spend most of their time indoors, losing that precious connection with nature their parents developed as children.

So, if you want to see your kids outside more, find the best RC car for them. But beware: the very cheap models will break very fast spoiling the experience and bringing more frustration than fun. Even more, some of the designs on the market come with advanced technologies that raise the tag price and the maintenance costs.

So which one to choose? See more…


There are quite a few rc cars on the market that are good for beginning drivers. The same cars can also be fun for the more experienced drivers as well.

Choose carefully and choose wisely my friends when trying to find the best RC car for your little tyke.




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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mother Cat and Kittens Rescued with Remote Control Car

by Bethany Meissner

Storm pipes can seem like a safe place to an expectant female cat looking for a place to give birth, but when heavy rains come they become full of dangers. This spring a rescue organization in Los Angeles, CA was contacted about a cat in a drain pipe. The rescue soon discovered that the situation would take ingenuity, patience, and a lot of hard work.

According to The Dodo, when Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar got to the drain pipe, he discovered that the situation was complicated. The drain pipe was long and had lots of debris scattered throughout. Plus, it wasn’t just one cat stuck in the pipe – it was a mama cat and her kittens! Eldad evaluated the situation and decided to return the next day with additional rescuers and supplies.

Eldad returned with fellow rescuers Loreta Frakonyte, Lisa Arturo, JoAnn Wilitz, and Kyle Schwab. In addition, they brought a remote control car, a flashlight, supplies to make a pole, blankets, and a cat cage. Kyle normally rescues dogs through Smashface Rescue, but was game to help this feline family in need.

Eldad told The Dodo that he had previously seen another rescuer use a remote controlled car when rescuing cats. He noted “That’s the cool thing about more and more people posting rescue videos…I can learn more techniques from different people.” With that inspiration in mind, the group attached a flashlight and camera to a remote controlled car. They sent the car slowly into the drain to get a better look at the family.

The mama cat reacted with fierce, protective hisses when the car approached so the team pulled back. Now that they knew where the family was located in the pipe, they could begin the rescue. The team assembled a 60-foot long pole with soft blankets duct taped to the end to form a gentle, safe cushion. They would use the pole to gently push from one side of the pipe with rescuers waited at the other end with a cat cage.

After starting to push, the mama cat quickly came running down the pipe and into the cage. She was a bit frantic, but calmed down once the rescuers placed a blanket over the cage. The rescuers heard her meowing and commented to each other that she didn’t seem feral.

The group attached even more padding to the pole and began to rescue the kittens. With a few stops and starts, the group carefully coordinated pushing from one end of the pipe while Eldad watched a live camera feed from the remote control car on the other end. As the pole began pushing through the pipe, debris collected around the kittens and protected them from the hard sides of the pipe. Just before the kittens were pushed out of the pipe, the team stopped pushing and began to carefully collect the tiny kittens.

They reunited the mama cat with her kittens, observing how sweet the whole family seemed to be. Because of that, the family became “Mama Nutella,” “Toffee,” “Snickers,” “BonBon,” and “Nougat.” The kittens turned out to be around six weeks old. The family was placed with a foster. When Eldad posted the video of the rescue to the Hope For Paws Facebook page, the post noted that the whole family was available for adoption through the Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. A little less than a month later, another post was made to the Hope For Paws Facebook page noting that Mama Nutella was “paying it forward” and taking care of a new litter of abandoned kittens “as if they were her own babies.” It’s always great when a happy ending gets a happy coda.

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